August 19, 2006

In the Monkey House

Congratulations are in order for my dear and long-time friend, Wayne. Last night, in the monkey house at the zoo in NYC, he proposed to the perfect girl- and she said yes! Rachel is awesome, a totally amazing, intelligent and generally wonderful person and I could not be happier for the two of them.

As for the monkey house... well, heck, my hubbie proposed to me over strangely spicy hot dogs on a rock in Central Park, so untraditional locales may just be a New York thing. Anyway, congratulations to them both. I can't wait to hear more, see the ring and sit back in awe as the confirmed old bachelor talks babies, (ohmigod, Wayne is talking babies! The world is about to CHANGE!), and giggles like a little kid on Christmas morning who's just discovered that there really is a Santa Claus and he's brought everything special and wonderful that you could ever dream.

Showers of love, luck and fortune to you both. **HUGS**

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