January 29, 2007

38 weeks, 4 days

I am SO pregnant! I keep thinking I feel something, a twinge, a low pulsing or aching that means it's *time*, but really it's all in my head. I was thinking that it'd be much more convenient if there was a sure-fire way to know exactly when it was time to go grab my toothbrush, call my mom to take care of Anna, and head out the door.

Some ideas:

* Belly turns purple, radiating out from the navel. On second thought, though, that'd have me standing in front of a mirror, examining in minute detail the possible coloring of my skin. Moving on...

* Your water breaks, it ALWAYS breaks, it's the first thing that happens precisely 2 hours before you go into active labor. This, of course, only happens in the movies. The round and waddling women looks down at the slight sound of a tinkling on the floor, says, "Honey, it's time! My water broke!". The hubby rushes about, (hopefully grabs the toothbrush), and the baby arrives shortly after they arrive at the hospital. God, I love the movies!

* You have some sort of obvious and clear physical reaction. I know, y'all are thinking, "Hello, contractions are obvious, aren't they?", but really, not. I've been having contractions for literally weeks. Nearly two weeks ago I was having regular contractions, 7-5 minutes apart for nearly 7 hours. And yet... I am still very, very round. I'm talking about suddenly, you've got bloody show, or your water breaks, or you're gripped undeniably by firm pains of the middle... and then 2 hours (precisely!) later, you've got your baby in your arms.

Okay, I know, it's all silly. I want textbook and I'm stuck with reality's wishy-washiness. Oh, well. Eventually, in the next 10-14 days or so, I will have my baby, and it will happen in the mysterious way that my body decides is best, either subtly over several days, or suddenly with little time to spare... but hopefully I'll remember my toothbrush!

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