June 18, 2007

It's a Sweet Thing

Sunday morning dawned much the same as all Sunday mornings in our house. We got up with the kids, made coffee and breakfast and then settled in to watch CBS News Sunday Morning. It covers with integrity, the arts, literature, personalities and interesting story topics without totally bringing down the house in an overload of death and disaster.

As I stood in the kitchen fixing my coffee, this story came on: Is America Too Sweet on Sugar? Hmmm... I glanced down at the dark and steaming cup of coffee, into which I had just added 3 teaspoons of that exact ubiquitous white substance. And that was just my first cup.

Perhaps here was a story I should give some attention.

The piece included all sorts of vaguely horrifying facts, like that the average American consumes 142 pounds of sugar a year. That's like eating a solid-sugar PERSON every year!

This is when I began to realize I had a problem, because as soon as I started thinking about sugar-people, my brain went, "mmmmmm... yummy sugar people! Tasty! Would I start at the top and work my way down or vise versa? I could go for a sugar-finger right now!"

The there was the footage. Throughout the story, they kept scrolling shots of donuts, candy, chocolate, lattes, pastries, bagels. Apparently, every single thing that I love and adore to consume in vast quantities- sugar disaster.

Unfortunately, the message was just lost of me. Instead of seeing this footage and, as a result, the error of my ways, I just got hungry.

"Oooohhh, those donuts look good. Maybe I can run out and get some donuts. Or bagels! I love bagels! On my way back from getting the bagels, I could stop at Starbucks, too, and get a Mocha, yeah!"

Hello, my name is Megan. And I am a sugar-addict. I can't say no.

I have sugar fantasies, moments where I sit, feeling vaguely unsatisfied and start to dream up all kinds of possibly tasty concoctions that might fulfill me.

Maybe it's an ice cream cone or a latte, maybe it's cake or cookies or just a good old-fashioned Snickers bar. When I'm feeling hungry or thirsty or bored or anxious or nervous or... (you get the idea), the absolute first thing my brain reaches for is sugar.

The trick, the one I am still struggling to master, is keeping my hands from reaching for the same thing.

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