July 09, 2007

Internet notoriety

Holding each other in the darkness. Kissing.

And then he says...

"Did you brush your teeth?"

"Did I- what!?", my hand leaps up to cover my mouth. "YES! Of course I did! Why? How could you just SAY that in the middle of kissing me?"

I jump from bed, furiously grabbing my tooth brush, AGAIN, then rinsing with mouthwash for good measure.

"Sweetie, come on, it's not a big deal, I just thought you maybe forgot."

"Forgot? Seriously? It was so bad you couldn't just let it go for the 12 minutes we needed?"

"Hey, be nice. Maybe 15 minutes. It wasn't that bad, really. Just seemed like you hadn't brushed since this morning. And, you know, we had garlic with dinner. Maybe you forgot, it could happen. Sometimes I forget."

As he talks on, digging the hole deeper and deeper around him, I shake with outraged laughter.

"You're really still going with this? You realize that the more we talk about my stanky breath, the less chance you have of getting any kind of action, right?"

"Awww.... come on, it wasn't that bad." He tries to reach for me, pull me back in.

"Seriously, mister, you need to hush up."

Laughing, we lean towards each other, the potential of the moment starts to return. Then, just as our lips meet again, still laughing a bit...


"Oops. Sooooorrry. Excuse me... you made me laugh, I was all relaxed. No! Don't go over there! Come on, sweetie... you brushed your teeth and everything!"

"Oh. My. GOD. I love you, babe, but the moment is over. Gone. Done. Go to sleep."

Silence for a moment, heavy sighing from his side of the bed.

Then, "This is going on the blog, isn't it?"

"It is SO going on the blog. Good night."

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