August 27, 2007

Blog Stalker

I am a stalker. I lurk, skulk, prowl and sneak (and I have a thesaurus).

When I have down time, like nap time or after bedtime or everyone-is-playing-and-not-screaming-at-me time, I surf the net. It's my retreat from the reality of "mommy's home with the kiddies and hasn't spoken in adult sentences for 6 hours straight".

I look, first thing, at "my" message board. I call it mine, though really it's not, it's just the board for the mom's group all my friends are in. Truth be told, I check The Board several times a day, often feeling frustrated and disappointed when there are no new posts. I mean, come on! If I have time to check, y'all need to make time to post! The Board is my addiction. There's usually a window for it up on my screen all day, whether I am at my computer or reading Anna The Lorax on the potty for the nine-hundred-and-forty-third time that day.

After The Board, I make the rounds on my favorite blogs; Maida's blog, Candy's blog about Misha (which, by the way, no pressure, but you haven't updated since April. I'm just saying, maybe it's time, she'll only be this young once, but who am I to talk...), Shanyn's blog, Crazy Aunt Purl, to name a few. I read, I peruse and hey, if I have an extra moment, I go back through the older posts that I may have missed, not that I miss many, but I should check, right? Stranger things have happened than someone posting while I wasn't paying attention.

Then, when these sites fail to pop up anything new, I hit the next tier; family, other friends, random blogs where I liked something someone wrote once and I'm hoping it might happen again. I usually scan through all of these pretty quickly, in between verses of "If You're Happy and You Know It."

Someone once told me there's something called Blog Lines that shows you whether there's new posts on the things you read a lot so you don't have to actually go and click on that site to check. Some new-fangled invention called an "RSS Feed" or something, says it saves you precious seconds each day. Since my whole purpose in web-surfing is to waste precious seconds, I prefer to live my life old-school, ya dig? Word.

Anyway, back to the point, however meaningless it might be. I am a stalker. I peek into all these different sites, usually online journals and such, hoping for a look into other people's lives. I once told someone that her blog was a window for me into her thoughts, since she wasn't talking to me very much anymore. A few days after that comment, she shut that window. She started another blog, which I found awhile back in my meandering. We don't know each other anymore, but I still go to take a peek in as I make my rounds of the World Wide Web.

I never comment on blogs, or only very rarely. The funny thing is, though, I'm always a little bit irate that more people don't comment on my own postings. Nothing like a little hypocrisy to warm the cockles of your heart, right?

Anyway, is it bad etiquette to read a blog when you don't know the person or, worse, when you used to know the person? If my mom's online journal came across my screen one day in my "travels", should I immediately click away? Is it intruding to read these things if you haven't been invited?

I never really thought so before. I mean, it's the INTERNET, after all. I never post anything unless I'm comfortable knowing that my mom, my husband and everyone I've ever met could be reading it. Sometimes I push that comfort level on the hope that someone won't see it, doesn't know about the blog, but I'm always prepared for the consequences. In general, I post with the full knowledge that this is a public forum. I found a special post, just for me, today on an old friend's blog and now I wonder if I've been wrong in my idle curiosity.

Since I know now that it bothers her, that it brings up questions for her and confuses her, I've taken her "window" off of my daily blog spree. I didn't mean anything by it; sometimes a web click is really just a click. I never thought the day would come where I'd have to justify my web-surfing, but here we are.

Now leave some comments, dammit! *hehehee*

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mosaica said...

I have friends who run the gamut...some are comment hussies, some are lurkers. I usually comment when I feel compelled to do so...And when I know the person.

I think you're right though, about public domain. If someone puts it out there..they better be prepared to have it read.