October 16, 2007

Drama, drama, drama and a moment of peace

It seems like I spend all day running from one highly emotional event to the next. Either with the kids, or with friends, or family and the husband or the absolutely horrible driver who just cut me off and then screamed obscenities out the window at me loud enough to scare my kids, (not that I'm being specific or anything).

Everything becomes hectic and intense and dramatic at some point, even if only for a brief period of time. The hard days are when that it all happens all at once. Power struggles with my two-almost-three-year-old can drain me every bit as much as sorting out the budget with my spouse. Usually more, truth be told. No relationship is simple for long and I suppose that is as it should be. Anything that stayed too simple would probably become stagnant or boring, eventually. Friendships that I depend on have to be challenged from time to time, just to remind me of their importance if nothing else.

And then, in the midst of all the she-said-she-said, "mommy-I-want"s, baby-wailing-for-no-reason, "Sweetheart, is that a Target bag in your car?", to-do list, grocery shopping, laundry that will never be done, party-planning, picture-taking, scrapbooking, depression overcoming...

I find a moment of peace. My two little girls, my sweet and happy and beautiful little girls, fall asleep for afternoon naps AT THE SAME TIME.


The house is ringing with silence. I can hear the water draining in the refrigerator and the sound of a truck passing on the next block over. The clock over my head ticks off the precious seconds in a hypnotic rhythm.

And I have a choice. Do I take this moment of my very own and attend to all the drama and mounting laundry? Or do I simply sit back, enjoy the quiet, and let the peacefulness wash over me, wearing away at the rough edges before they get too sharp?

I have a choice.

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