October 22, 2007

Limited Time Only

You know it's the holidays, not by the first Christmas Tree at Macy's, not by the first snow covering the treetops, but by the appearance of that special container of ice cream at the supermarket.

Peppermint Ice Cream, in the pink case. How you mock me.

As Kurt put Anna to bed last night, I scarfed down a bowl in secret at my computer. He came down and sat in the living room and I tried to stealthily sneak past him with my bowl to the kitchen.

You know, so I could go get more. Come on people, it's only available for a limited time only, I have to get it while the getting is good!

So, I scoop out another bowl of white and pink minty heaven and take it into the living room, all casual, to sit next to my husband as we watch some TV.

"Is that your second bowl?", he asks, staring at me in disapproval.

Here's me: "What? This? No. Umm. Ok, yes. But, umm. What?"

gobble, munch, slurp. Trying to swallow as quickly as possible in case he tries to take it away.

LIMITED TIME ONLY, right? Don't mess with my special ice cream.

Besides, it's sort of almost the holidays, right? That means a little extra treat for everyone.

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