January 14, 2008

This is my dance space

We moved into this house about two weeks before my oldest daughter was born and so, this has always been a house of children. Every room, every space, reflects some aspect of their existence.

No room shows that more than the playroom, which is as it should be. But the playroom is also, by default, my room; my office, my desk and craft area. My Place. Until recently, My Place constituted one desk crammed into the corner of the room with a messy bookshelf . It was surrounded by toys and constantly pulled apart by curious little fingers. I have a vivid memory of trying to "organize" my desk and bookshelves when Anna was just a baby and being thwarted, (yes, thwarted!), at every turn by her never-ending ability to removed everything in sight from it's place every time I blinked.

This week, it all changed.

No, sadly, I didn't get my own office with my own door. And no, I didn't get rid of the children, either. How then, you ask, could the two polar opposites of work space and play space co-exist?

It was a two-step plan. First, I completely re-arranged everything in the room. I set my desk and craft table into a U-shape in one corner of the room and arranged the rest of the room to respect those clear boundaries. Now my desk faces the play area, but the play area is NOT IN AND AROUND AND BEHIND my desk. Awesome. The kids love it because it is different and new, and therefore exciting. I love it because I am now facing them as they play and I work and because my little area is separated from theirs. However, my baby girl still always seemed to find it fascinating to come pull on the power cords under my feet and topple the trash can and unwind every ball of yarn she could find. But, as I said, it was a two step plan.

The second step? A ginormous wraparound baby gate. The only way in? Stepping over. And hey, guess what? Turns out, my 3 year old and my 1 year old? Too short to step over, darn it.

THIS is my dance space, y'all. Hell yeah!

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