February 16, 2008

Prom Night

Oh, man. I sat down tonight to draw some complicated analogy between fake nails and renewed friendship, I kid you not. Seriously, where do these thoughts come from in my head? As I pseudo-plotted it out before I started writing, it seemed like a good idea. It would have gone something like this:

In high school, my best friend and I both got acrylic nails for Prom and it was awful and we couldn't hold pencils and when we finally couldn't help it anymore, we ripped and tugged them off. Our real nails were all torn and brittle and papery underneath and it took a long time before they healed and grew strong and straight again. And that's just like how that same friend and I ripped away at each other and were left all broken and fragile too. But today I went on an leap of faith and got fake nails again and it's not bad, I really like them and now I know how to take care of them and that's the same thing with that friend, we took a leap of faith and now we are talking again, but it's with more respect and care and knowledge of how fragile and delicate things are underneath. Just like the nails.

I mean, COME ON! That's pretty pathetic and cheesy, even for me and my love of analogy.

So I'll just say it right out instead, with no drawing of likeness and trite conclusion. My friend and I are talking and it's wonderful and exhilirating and very fragile. All those things, and the knowledge of what it feels like not to have those things, make it precious. I will be careful and hopefully it can grow and we can learn from our past mistakes.

And not, you know, end up with papery, broken, and shattered hearts. Or fingernails. Hee.

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