June 18, 2008

I don't care if it's half full or empty, I'm just glad I have a cup

Things that make me feel good:
  • Wearing spring dresses and skirts
  • Kurt's smile when he sees me in the spring dresses and skirts
  • Keeping up in a tough exercise class even though I'm worn out and drenched in sweat
  • The weight on my body of a child sleeping in complete trust within my arms
  • Coloring, writing and reading, sometimes all at once.
  • That first moment of potential and excitement that flows over me when I step inside a library and know that my holds are in!
  • Receiving handwritten letters and cards in the mail- so much better than email!
  • Sending cards, too. Just taking a moment out of everything to surprise someone with some heartfelt appreciation
  • Listening to relaxing quiet music
  • Clean sheets when I go to bed at night
  • Family walks on summer evenings

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