July 03, 2008

Excitement and a fully stocked freezer

I'm easy. (scrub out your dirty minds, I didn't mean that. Heck, I don't even remember what that looks like!) It takes very little for me to get excited about something new and when it happens, I tend to jump in with both feet and little concern for where I land. Some may say that's part of my "diagnosis", but I say it's just my touch-a-wacky personality.

Right now, I am very excited. VERY. I just purchased 12 dinners, prepped fresh, frozen and ready to go for the cost of less than one week's meals. By that, I mean the cost of one week of frantically running at the last minute to the store, or the pizza place, or the Chinese food joint. It gets pricey when you have no idea what's for dinner and the hour of doom approaches.

But, now my freezer is stocked, FULL, with dinner. Yummy sounding dinner. Easy to prepare dinner. But, most importantly, dinner I didn't have to make myself. Ah! Feel the sigh of relief circle the world! I went to a local place that I really like, What About Dinner?. I know there are establishments like it, however, all around should you care to look.

Aside from fabulous dinner excitement, I am also very thrilled with Revlon's new Beyond Natural Lip Tint. My favorite color is Neutral Pink. I know, it's shallow and ridiculous to find joy in glorified lip balm, but there it is. Sometimes it really is the tiny, little, fits-neatly-in-your-purse things for which I'm most grateful.

To redeem myself from the image that I am just a greedy tummy and shiny lips, there's one more item to add to my excitement bonanza. Jack McDevitt. OK, actually, I do not even know this guy, so don't worry that I'm having an affair with him or anything (remember, I don't even recall how to do that). However, I am having a love affair right now with everything he's ever written. He writes totally enthralling and completely escapist Sci Fi (science fiction for those of you not in the cult of fandom). It's all, or mostly all, set in the very distant, deep future. I love that it is full of everything and anything that is NOT my day-to-day life. Plus, bonus, he's a prolific writer; I get to keep on reading as soon as I finish a book!

Therein lies my happiness for the day. Let's all offer up a moment of thanks that I have finally put aside the stack of totally overwhelming self-help books for the moment. Bring on the future in a distant galaxy with a tasty cheap dinner that I can enjoy through my pretty pink and moisturized lips. Ahhhh.... now that's what I call REAL self-help.

Heck, maybe I'll even give that a try while I'm on such a roll. (Once again, every is welcome to send Kurt emails of sympathy and commiseration.)

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