July 01, 2008

Hey, wait a minute... this place looks familiar

The walls of this room lean slightly in and that feeling of mild hypoxia pushes on my head and chest. A headache starts to bloom in my temples like a rampant and vile weed. The color has been leached from the surroundings. Everywhere I look is pale or dark, like something out of the Twilight Zone. It's as if some idiot invented a spray-painter vacuum that works in reverse. Then he went around like a jackass and sucked up all the brightness. You know, just because he could. And of course, in this room and in this place, gravity is not the same. There is, at every moment, the heavy constant weight of my own flesh against my bones. My eyes are burning and there is a scream struggling to get out just behind my lungs.

Oh, I've been here before, that's for certain. And you know what? I really have to say, with all my heart and with no reservations; fuck this place. I mean, really. Someone needs to come in here with a huge yellow bulldozer and tear all this bullshit down and put up a nice park.

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