August 29, 2008

Every Saturday, after waking leisurely, watching cartoons and enjoying a few (dozen) cups of coffee, our whole family heads to the gym. The girls love the Kid's Club which is full of climbing and bouncing and everything playful and fun. While they play, Kurt and I work out.

We start with abs, groaning our way through crunches and whatnot and I can never do as many as he does. I usually end up giggling at the focused expression on his face and pretending to stretch. This may explain my continuing battle to conquer the remains of my baby belly. Or it could be the ice cream, I may never be sure.

After the ab fiasco, Kurt runs me through a weight training routine. He is more of a task-master than any personal trainer I've ever experienced. I often end up with a heavy bar hanging over my head, my face turning red and my arms trembling near collapse as he smiles and says, "Come on, just one more, push through it." He always saves me from dangerous skull crushing with the barest hint of an assisting lift with his fingertips, grinning all the while. I am positive that he enjoys these moments as pure vindictiveness. I should also mention that he always, always lifts at least three times the weight that I do, the whole while pretending that I am not a huge wuss.

Afterwards, we head over to the cardio "theatre", a ridiculously named section that would more aptly be described as "The Zone of Sweat and CNN". On adjacent machines, we huff and puff our way through 20 minutes. The entire time, I keep a close eye on his calorie count. It is a matter of my deepest pride to always and without fail stay at least 5 calories ahead. Kurt finds this hilarious. I think he lets me win on purpose.

When all this masochist effort has come to an end, Kurt leans in to kiss my sweaty cheek and says, "Good workout, honey, you really did great!". I roll my eyes and tell him he's lucky my legs are too shaky to kick his ass. We pull the girls away from toys and babysitters they love more than us and head immediately to Jamba Juice for a smoothie treat. My body is usually totally spent by this point. I always have to sip my drink sitting down and I usually succumb to a nap by mid-afternoon.

All things considered, it is my absolute favorite time every week.


Alison said...

Whoa, I haven't worked out that hard in... a loooong time. Sounds great!

Lea said...

I'm so impressed by your workout skillz!