September 10, 2008

Never say never

Hypocrisy, I bow to you.

Last Christmas we all invaded my sister-in-law's house for over a week, spending most of our time watching the kids run amok. That is, everyone else watched the kids. I watched and worshiped the coffee maker.

Monica had this new amazing machine, a Keurig, that makes one perfect cup of coffee at a time. It was awe inspiring. You turn it on, pop in a little pre-packaged cup about the size of a creamer cup, close it and press a button. Voila! Perfectly made, perfectly measured, perfectly perfect coffee in less than a minute.

Poor Monica was left staring hopelessly at her quickly dwindling stash of k-cups (as they are called) because I could not stop myself. I had at least two cups every morning and usually one in the afternoon and then one "to relax me" in the evening. The best part was that each cup could be a different flavor or roast, even tea, each time. The only drawback? Those little k-cups are not recyclable, a fact with which I struggled.

When we got home, I started my search for something similar, but with recyclable filters. Thus did I discover the coffee pod, a little pre-portioned pack that you insert in a single serving machine. Oh, how I expounded to everyone who'd listen (and not many would) on the virtues of recycling and being less wasteful than using the "other" machine.

Except the pod coffee kind of sucked. And the machines kind of didn't work very well. And all the pods came wrapped in non-recyclable packets, which pretty much defeated my original ideals anyway. I kept saying I couldn't wrap my head around the thought of those little k-cups in the trash.

Well, I have now wrapped. Today, with complete humility, I traded in my crappy pod machine and picked up the fabulous, wonderful, amazing and practically mythic (in my tiny world) Keurig coffee maker. I love it and I am not ashamed! Oh, Keurig, you complete me.

Once again, I have learned an important lesson. Never ever say never. At least not out loud where people can hear you.

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Lea said...

Ooh, I like it! I would totally get one, so I can definitely understand where you're coming from!