September 05, 2008

Oh, truthiness, how you must love Sarah Palin

This is my favorite article to date regarding the upcoming elections (a big thanks to dooce for bringing it up). It is an AP (Associated Press) circulated piece, as opposed to Fox News, a program with considerable and notoriously conservative bias. To be fair, it also is not from The Daily Show, where fake, comic and liberal-leaning news runs rampant (It's my favorite show!).

Have a gander, absorb, think it through. Oh, and by the way, in case there was any doubt about the absolute horror I feel at the McCain/Palin ticket... Vote Obama 2008.

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lil frog said...

I think it's pretty clear exactly what McCain wants to drill in AK....and she ain't oil, but she sure is crude, slick & slimy.