September 06, 2008

One woman is the same as any other

Okay, I know I'm getting all political here, but this whole Palin debacle has me riled up. I keep hearing over and over, from the news pundits to the mass emails I get, that there is some serious concern that Hilary Clinton's disillusioned supporters will now turn, with relief, to Sarah Palin. You know, because they are both women, a fact which erases any other minor differences between the two. Apparently, the obvious and undeniable gender of Sarah Palin was one of the deciding factors in McCain's choice.

One woman is the same an any other, right? We're all practically interchangeable. Pamela Anderson or Susan Sarandon; Ruth Ginsberg or Monica Lewinsky; Hilary Clinton or Sarah Palin. Who could possibly be expected to tell the difference?

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grandmem said...

I think women, even Republica women, are smarter than that. It disturbs me deeply that McCain seems NOT to think that women are smarter than that.

You can tell a lot about what people think in this campaign by what issues they choose to sling mud at.