November 21, 2008


So this past week, I started writing a guest blog, one of several, for my friend's wonderful company. The hope is that it will be a feature that starts off in its own direction and draws new eyes to the very cool MA! Motherhood with Attitude philosophy.

I love writing, I do. But I have yet to confidently label myself a "real" writer. Having an online journal does not make me a writer- everyone has an online journal (e-column). Reading up on writing technique, style and mechanics, (which I do, lots... this is the best book!) does not make me a writer. I will concede that it does makes me sort of weird, though. I've been published all of once and that was years ago and unpaid. My point is that I feel very exposed now suddenly being a "writer" with a blog (e-column) in a pseudo-professional sense.

The MA! guest blog (e-column) feels so exposed, like I'm walking naked across a busy train depot once a week, waiting patiently for called-out critiques. I'm hopin' for a "nice ass!" but afraid there will be more than one, "jeez, lady, put a bra on and help us all out!". It's not like I'm all super restrained on this here site, keeping my goodies under wraps. But there is a distinct lack of comments on this blog (e-column) that cushions me with a certain sense of anonymity, like maybe no one's looking at the naked girl in the station.

Honestly, it's probably just stage fright. I will be playing to an audience of strangers and I am, for them, an unknown and untested commodity. Here, I have history; there, I'm still the very new girl. It's okay to hang out in the buff with your pals if you want, but at work? That might very well get you fired.

Or promoted, I guess. It depends on the job.


Lis' said...

But you look great, wait..did I just type that out loud - omg, sorry... hehe

The point is: you ARE an awesome writer, and I only wish I had the Internet writing freedom that you do. Keep up the excellent work.

Besides, you make strutting your stuff naked with confidence look easy and fabulous! :)

Lea said...

I keep meaning to congratulate you on the MA! gig. I'm so sorry to take so long, but congratulations!! I'm very excited for you, and I bet you will be fabulous! And besides, you're super skinny so it's okay to be a little neked. :)