January 06, 2009

Hand me another cup, please

As if I needed an excuse...

Coffee may protect against oral cancers-

I still get a tingle of giddy excitement every morning as my Keurig coffee maker heats up, but that's recently been tempered by a slight sigh of disappointment. After a holiday fling with the Einstein Brothers Winter Blend (ohmygodthebestcoffeeever), I went out and bought the reusable Keurig coffee filter so I could experience that tasty nirvana at home.

I immediately opened the bag of coffee (I bought the last two bags left at the store when they discontinued the BEST BLEND EVER. Bastards.), carefully measured it out, popped it in the machine and pressed the brew button. What came out was... not quite very close to good.

It was thick, filled with a delicate mist of grounds, and it lacked almost any of the amazing flavor that had inspired me in the first place. The mesh filter was not very filter-y and the coffee definitely needed more brew time. I suppose nothing is flawless, not even this most perfect of coffee makers, but I seriously thought my Keurig friends could have come a little bit closer to the mark then that.

Still, all is not lost and the Winter Blend can still be treasured for many weeks to come (weeks, not months, as I have no restraint on these matters). The secret? Carefully measured and timed brewing with a French Press. The fact that I had to go out and buy a french press which cost as much as that darn reusable filter is something on which I try not to dwell.

And now that I have so clearly sung its praises- anyone want a reusable filter for the Keurig brewer?

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Jennifer said...

I too am worshipping at the feet of the Keurig gods. :) I love that thing and it wasn't even a gift for me! We bought the reusable filter too and I'm sort of bummed at how much coffee you have to use just for one cup! I'm sorry your favorite blend is discontinued until next year. Next year stock up!