March 30, 2009

distraction and deadlines and writing, oh my!

This class is kicking my butt. Not because I can't do it, (I can), but because I am now aware of how flaky and distracted I can be. On that note... gee, look, there's a book I haven't read in forever!

Focus, focus, now we must focus. I was never good at homework in college. Pretty much everything I ever did was completed on the fly in three hours the night before it was due. I'm just not good with the planning aspect of it all. Probably this is why I have so much trouble sticking to my "plan the weekly meals and shop once a week" commitment. To be clear, by 'commitment', I mean sad-attempt-on-bi-annual-basis.

I love my lifestyle routines but it has taken a LOT of time, effort and starting over to get them to stick. Like, a year, a lot. So having to buckle down for a six-week course with a weekly turn around on some pretty interesting, but challenging, projects is definitely squashing me.

Hopefully, I'll be like that cockroach in "Wall-E"; just keep bouncing up out of the ground every time I get rolled on or shot at, trundling along again on my merry way. Wish me luck and if (ha! if! as if I haven't already!) I don't write so much here in the next few weeks, you'll know why. I'm busy busy busy re-reading the Phantom Tollbooth (you know, for inspiration) while sitting in from of my computer with my draft article scornfully staring me down from the screen.

And, of course, there's laundry that needs to be done. Isn't there always? Ah, the procrastinator's eternal fall-back, how I love thee.

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Lea said...

Even though I am not nearly as motivated as you are in actually taking a class, I can totally understand where you're coming from! Especially being a stay at home mom where your home is your work, and there are always a million and one things to think of to do or watch or read. It's a challenge for sure, but you'll feel so great when you're done and can see your accomplishment!