May 05, 2009

hello, sunrise... it's me!

I remember in high school getting up at 5:30 A.M. every morning. The bus came at 6:40 and classes started at (precisely) 7:04. Why 5:30? My brothers would roll out of bed at 6:30, snag a bowl of cereal and eat it on the street corner. For years, my mom would walk down there every few days to reclaim her dishes.

But for me, that was just impossible. It had to be 5:30, so I could shower and fix my hair and change my clothes a few times and do my best 15-year-old make up art. Then I had to finish my homework. I need that extra hour to get pretty and fresh.

I am sitting here with soaking wet hair, a bare face and mostly clean gym clothes. This is some quantifiable motivation- drag my ass out of bed at 6? You better believe I am not going to waste time getting cute for the boys on the bus. HELL NO.

Still, some things are too deeply ingrained to let go... I am still doing my homework on the run.

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Lisa said...

Good Morning!