May 30, 2009

Time off, time on

Weekends are special to me. Usually with Kurt home, I'm not on point with the girls, so I take a long shower, bother to shave my legs (WOW!), read a bit of a book or write some in relative peace. Even when we're all doing things together, the general atmosphere is relaxed. Two on two, life is just a bit easier.

Right now, Kurt's dad is visiting from out of town. He's looking for condos and might decide to move here (YAY!). I'm really happy to have him here, the girls are ecstatic, and we've been having a great visit-- fun conversations, fun dinners, silly kids showing off, etc.

But, by necessity, the boys are out this Saturday morning looking at condos with the realtor. Since two small kids running around strangers homes is probably not conducive to a good shopping experience, I'm hanging with the girls at home. It's fine, it's something I do all the time, but... sigh. I miss my Saturday a bit. Mostly, to be honest, my whining comes from the fact that I have to think of something for us to do, which is usually Kurt's raison d'etre on the weekends. Lazy lack of originality is what plagues me today.

But, on the bright side, I am showered and dressed (though not shaved, but who will ever know? Except y'all, I mean). It's a beautiful day and still cool in the morning. I shall venture out, bounce around the park and maybe (gulp!) take the girls to chik-fil-a for lunch. (note to self: probably should try to get them to eat more colorful foods than chicken and pasta).

The boys (aka Kurt and Otto, perhaps not boys in right, but since we ladies outnumber them this weekend, we'll call 'em what we want) will be back this afternoon and plan to make a delicious dinner-- something to do with eggplant and pasta, yum!

Tomorrow we've all got the day off: church, puttering and dinner with my family. And Kurt is home from work for the first few days next week, so we'll have plenty of time to let him plan our days. In retrospect, the weekend is just shunted forward a bit, not lost at all. Sounds perfect to me!


Lea said...

Oh yes, having Daddy home makes all the difference. When Eric's on call on the weekends, he's out the door by 6 or 7am, and it feels like any other day. Enjoy Kurt's days off!

Alison said...

I totally agree that even though being home with kid(s) is normal whenever I'm responsible on my own when I normally am not (nights, weekends) it feels tough!