July 10, 2009

Take me away

When it comes to figuring me out, you can pretty much always tell how I am based solely on what kind of books are beginning to pile up around the house. My reading habits lean toward inundation. (Kurt loves this-- his favorite thing in the world is sorting and straightening the piles of hardbacks vs. paperbacks throughout the house.)

I have books by my bed and books in the living room and books in the family room and books on my desk and books in my car and often a book (and notebook) in my purse. When they all mesh, like right now, it means my aim has narrowed down to a concentrated point. There have been times when every book in sight was some level of self-help-- stress management, establishing boundaries, inner peace, healthy living, practical discipline for kids, etc.

Right now, though, all my books are screaming escape. Calgon, take me away. Or rather, in this case, Valdemar take me away. This series is wholly fantastical, occasionally juvenile and almost always romantic. It is all based on one world with magic and mind-powers and heroes and peril and happy endings. I have read all the books over and over again from junior high on.

Now, I know fantasy novels are not everyone's cup of vodka-laced tea, but for me they're a total refuge. It's a world that has nothing to do, in any way, with my own. There are no parallels and most importantly, no deep thoughts. This series makes no apologies for itself. It is simply one ever-expanding fairy tale of epic proportions with the occasional PG-13 love scene thrown in for spice.

I'm halfway through the third or fourth trilogy and there are still several to go. I can read them all in a matter of days, a week tops, because the lines of text are so worn down by my eyes now that each sentence comes across as more of a brief thought than separate words.

My children are good kids for the most part and my husband, as much as I tease him on these pages (sorry about the half-naked boat picture, sweetie!), is my understanding and supportive defender and friend. I am a lucky and blessed person. I truly am grateful every day.

But all the same, I sometimes just wish I had a magic horse and could blow things up with the power of my mind alone. How cathartic would that be, right?

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