August 07, 2009

Food for thought

So this week started out poopy-- literally. Anna finally decided that vegetables were her friends and would make her very tall (and, as such, superior to all). The direct result of this onslaught of green beans, cucumbers and carrots should be fairly simple to deduce. We stayed home Tuesday since proximity to the bathroom became The Goal of the Day.

In general, though, I think this week had more redemption to offer than failure. I cooked dinner again for my father-in-law on Wednesday night and, much to my surprise, it was delicious. Morrocan Fish Tangine. Sounds fancy, but was actually super simple. I prepped the whole mess before anyone showed up, popped it in the oven and, voila, dinner. Add in a nice salad and side of rice (God bless you, Kashi whole grain pilaf!) and we had a whole edible meal. And no rubber chickens in sight!

Confidence restored, I tackled my next challenge--, the website for Hybrid Mom magazine, a small but national publication. I responded to a call for writers in May and, out of a waterfall of writing samples, they offered me a "job" for their team blog. Of course, these blogging whatnots don't pay, but the exposure is awesome and also serves as a major compilation of writing samples that I can flaunt for other jobs.

The other MAJOR payoff for me is the motivation of deadlines. I have to write something, anything, by a certain time each week. While Janalee and Tiffany over at MA! are very forgiving in their "once a week" rule, I still try to stick to that with some regularity. The gig is not so flexible. As part of team blog, we each write a post for one day of the week. So, if I don't write, there's a full day of nothing and, remember that waterfall of applications? I can be replaced.

For the first two posts I refurbished some of my older material as my introduction. But this week was the moment of truth, time for fresh words. I jumped on the bandwagon, settled in, pulled up Word... and stared at my computer for an hour. Demoralized, I got up for a late night cup of coffee-- and right there, found my topic.

And that's how writing works for me. You go with some small thing and try to pull bigger things out of it. Much like magic hats but only with horses and elephants instead of rabbits. (Any topic suggestions from little things in your own world?)

So I did it, it's up, I'm live and now I've found a good groove to carry my through the next moments. My weeks start on Friday night and so far I'm thinking the next one is looking less poopy in general.

Quote of the week:

"In Mexico we have a word for sushi: Bait." --Jose Simon


Maida said...

Congrats on your new writing gig!

Lea said...

Good for you and congratulations!