August 21, 2009

Friday already?

What a week. In retrospect it's difficult to write about the whammy moment, but now that the shock has worn off it's smaller in my mind. Anna had a big run in with her bestest friend this week. Long story short, Anna ended up getting cracked across the head with a toy broom in the middle of a fairly quiet and unprovoked moment. The sound of the impact, which we heard from the other room, just rings through my mind, along with the image of her sitting there with her hands and face covered in blood.

The cut bled like anything. I discovered that old adage about head wounds bleeding ferociously is actually TRUE, who knew? (not me!) Once I got it all cleared away and most of the bleeding stopped it turned out to be a small but very deep cut, almost a puncture. Anyway, it's the biggest of all awkward, upsetting and unexpected moments we've hit to date with our kids interacting with other kids. Anna's very much afraid of her friend right now. But, with a child's unique ability to compartmentalize, at the same time she remembers the rest of that playdate as AWESOME!

Why the joy and sorrow? She learned to sit on the big potty without her little kid seat after watching, and overly participating in, her friend going potty. (Never though I'd have to say, "Sweetie, we don't help our friends wipe.") She is BEYOND proud and very grateful, always talking about her friend teaching her. In the same conversation, though, as if it's two different people (which it almost feels like it is), she talks about being hit and being scared and not wanting to play with the girl again.

I totally understand and respect her fear (and have to admit to some fear of my own). On the selfish side, though, I'm bummed that there won't be anymore playdates, at least for awhile. The other girl's mom is a good friend and that's when we usually hung out, so it's going to take some juggling to get together from now on. I don't know... awkward and uncomfortable all around, but hopefully a growth experience for us all, too?

Other than that, it's actually been a nice week-- Silvia is has begun the evolution from incontinence to iron-willed control. Ok, maybe not iron-willed, maybe more like industrial-cardboard-willed, but it's something! I experienced one entire day this week, with my kids around every minute, without changing any diapers at all. We were even out and about most of that day and she still had no accidents. It was so freeing I can not even explain it except to say that I now know how birds feel when they drop off a high perch and then their wings catch the wind and they SOAR. A life without diapers... what ever will I do with my time?

I'm taking a break from hardcore writing at the moment, I need to regroup and find something more interesting to dig into (as opposed to preschooler tussles and pee). So that's all I've got for today!

Oh, and a quote...

"We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it."
--Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Alison said...

Injuries between friends! So tough! I hope she gets over her fear soon (and you too.)

So happy to hear Silvia made some good progress this week! Someday I'll be there!