August 30, 2009

The danger of forgetting

Every single time I see more news coverage of Michael Jackson-- his death, life, "legacy"-- it sickens me. Yesterday was his birthday, and millions of people showed up at events all over the world to remember him.

CBS Sunday Morning offered up this opinion piece last month. It is a poignant reminder, and indictment, that haunts me with the reality of how disturbing our national media priorities have become.

Michael Jackson's birthday with 24 hours news coverage? I'm fairly certain there are at least 4,337 families out there that don't give a damn. And neither do I.


Lea said...

I am so saddened by all those who have died in this war. It is so heartbreaking.

Meg said...

did you watch the video? that last line sticks with me every time I see the Headline News that lacks any realy headlines.

"Somebody's little boy died today. Someone's little girl found out today that Daddy is never coming home.

That news is hard to bear; when the nation they died for barely notices, it's crushing. "