August 14, 2009

Wrap it up

All you pregnant ladies, (and you are EVERYWHERE I LOOK) I envy you. There's no great announcement of Baby Fever going on here. I just hate my period, also known in this household as OH MY GOD OUCH AND I CAN'T FIND A SPOON SO I AM GOING TO CRY, and want it to take a loooooong vacation.

I realize creating life is kind of maybe a disproportionate solution to PMS, but there's a little crazy wacked up voice in my head this week whispering that 9 months of discomfort and a following 18 (at least) years of responsibility seems like a small price to pay.

Fortunately, I am used to fucked up voices in my head, so I'm able to kick this one to the curb with all the rest-- it can keep the "run, run, just keep running THEIR LEGS ARE TOO SHORT TO CATCH YOU!" voice company.

Midol is totally cheaper.

Last night I ordered pizza because I couldn't stand up straight from cramps and was so tired I kept falling asleep over the hot stovetop (or I would have if I had been motivated enough to try and turn on the stovetop and cook). I got one small cheese pizza for the girls and one large pizza with stuff for Kurt and me. Then he came home and was all, "What's with all the pizza, I only like cheese pizza, don't you know that? Why waste $10 on a pizza no one wants to eat?"

And I was all, "I know you hate me, stop beating around the bush and KICK ME OUT ALREADY!"

As I've mentioned before, Kurt is a saint. He gave me a Look, patted my hand, rounded the girls up to watch Cinderella in the basement with him and sent me off to bed with a book. Best of all, he said NOTHING about me being a crackhead this morning. Love that guy.

I am all better now.

In that theme, here's our Quote of the Week!!

"Marriage is not merely sharing the fettuccine, but sharing the burden of finding the fettuccine restaurant in the first place." ~Calvin Trillin


Alison said...

I'll share a non-cheese pizza with you any day!

Kristi said...

I so wish my husband could be so nice and understanding. I got yelled at this morning for snapping at him because he asked me for the 5th time today when our photo session was (not to mention I was already cranky with the girls and he was telling me he wasn't going to take them to the park as planned...cause I NEVER get time to myself, so I was a bit touchy to say the least this morning).

Lea said...

When Alison was pregnant, and I had my period, I remember being resentful. tune has changed. The misery of the first trimester makes me jealous that you can eat and actually enjoy pizza without throwing it up. The grass is always greener, right? :)

Meg said...

oh, that grass. So finicky. Seriously, Lea, I'm past the Bad Day of the period and find that my grass is plenty green and fluffy right here, no need to jump onto to that pregnant side of the fence! I'll just go ahead and enjoy my pizza for you vicariously. I am also happy to drink a beer for you when we go to Quinn's, k? I know... I am such a kind friend.

Lea said...

Could you also have a margarita for me? That is the only alcohol that has sounded good to me for weeks now, and boy does it sound YUMMY!