October 05, 2009

cleaning to eat clean- what a monday

My dishwasher is kaput. The hose split right down the center and puked water ALL OVER the kitchen floor (the now-buckling and swollen hardwood floor). The repair guy will have to order a new hose which will take anywhere from a day to a week. Why is it that repair guys give you these HUGE windows of possibility, by the way? Why not just admit you have absolutely no idea when anything will happen and it's all up to the whims of fate? At least then I'd know he felt as lost in the current as I did!

Anyway. We had a big family dinner last night and used about all our dishes, which were in the wash, which lost continence all over the place... which means I just spent the last hour washing every dish we own, by hand. They are now drip-drying in the conveniently place dishwasher.

Why is it so convenient? Did I not mention that it's pulled out completely into the middle of the kitchen, blocking everything, so the floor underneath can air-dry? Did I leave that out?

I'm thinking sea bass and risotto are beyond me tonight. Looks like it's going to be hearty cereal with yogurt and berries. Doesn't sound that bad, actually. Hell, as long as I keep my back to the kitchen entirely, nothing seems that bad at all.

Day One in review:

Breakfast was a disaster (see earlier post), live and learn. First snack of almond butter and apple slices was yummy. Lunch was tuna salad and I substituted salmon since we had leftovers. The afternoon snack was a smoothie with a banana, oatmeal and flax and it was GROSS. Strangely, Anna loved it, I let her finish mine once the gag reflex calmed down. Dinner was supposed to be sea bass with mango salsa AND risotto with sea scallops AND roasted veggies. The two seafood dishes seem like main dishes, so I was in doubt about being able to eat it all. That's one thing I've noticed, too, there's way more food then I can really eat. I guess that's a good thing, right? Either because the menu is so plentiful or because I am not sitting around feeling starved. All the water probably fills me up, too, but I am a little tired of all MY potty breaks on top of all Silvia's potty breaks, too.

Ok, enough babbling. Off to watch the floors buckle. Thank goodness for our dry climate, maybe it'll all smooth out within the week.


Lisa said...

Cheers! I'm having cereal tonight too, sans berries, but with leche-de-moo.

The kids are having soup we cooked from scratch last night - I'd have some too, but had it for lunch and am all souped out for today.

Sorry about your dead dishwasher, I hope it feels better soon.

Meg said...

I actually make really good soup and it's easy but for some reason I'm always daunted to get started as if it SEEMS like it's hard. It's all the head...