November 02, 2009

National Novel Writing Month

Oh god. Oh GOD. I signed up. I committed. I should BE committed.

So it's Day Two and I've got 30 words. That's right! Only 49,970 words to go!! So what am I doing? Typing away, letting the story find itself and evolve into something mystical outside myself? No.

I am on my blog, wasting time and eating leftover Halloween candy. Great.

Yesterday my excuse was we had a high-tech ban on Sunday's. Neither Kurt nor I spend time on our laptops at all, so it was a perfect day to NOT start my book. Today, I justified my lack of progress by the need to get Anna's birthday things together and finish up the grocery shopping while the kids are in preschool. Now it is 10:30 in the morning, with 2 hours to go before I pick them up and I am trying SO HARD to think of other things to do! The kitchen is a mess. There is always laundry. I'm overdue for my home manicure hour.

And look! Halloween candy! Can't leave that lying around.

Ok, enough random bloggy babble. I am now (oops, had a Freudian typo there, I wrote "not" first) going to go and write the Great American First Draft of Ick. Wish me luck. I promise, I will never-ever-ever make you read it! Cheers!


Alison said...

But I will if you want me to!

Lea said...

Wow that is hardcore! You can do it!