February 08, 2010

A little time for mama to be ME

It's a bright and sunny (ok, bright, snowy and cold) Monday morning and the girls are at school. And guess what?

I'm NOT doing laundry.

This month the girls have started back for three half-days of preschool a week, instead of two. At first I thought of how, with the extra 4 hours, I'd have time to get all my chores done and maybe throw in a nice quiet coffee break for myself, too.

Then I kicked myself in the head. Not an easy maneuver on a normal day, much less at nearly 5 months pregnant. But I gave it my best effort.

The girls are away and HAPPY and distracted and well-cared for 12 hours a week. It seems only fair that I use the time in the same manner, don't you think? Come summer, those hours will be filled with newborn needs, naps and cooing. While all that isn't necessarily too exhausting (hopefully) it's the beginning of the return to being all mom, all the time. Babies are just not independent or self-sufficient and, at least in our family, they don't go to preschool. While I'm sure I'll manage to take breaks here and there, this is really my last spree of scheduled and dependable free time.

So I'm sitting here on this toasty (or, actually, freezing) morning, clearing up my desk, sorting out my books and papers and contemplating the possibilities. There is time for laundry later. There will always be time for laundry because there will always be laundry.

There will NOT always be time for me. Kids in school? Great! Mom's in recess.

For now.

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Lea said...

You should absolutely take advantage of these last few months! My "me" time is Asher's naptime, and while many times I am taking care of stuff around the house, if I want to spend it watching a movie or relaxing, I give myself total permission knowing that things will be different soon!