March 15, 2010

Babies everywhere

Thursday morning before I had shaken the sleep from my eyes I received a texted picture on my phone of my new nephew. He looked VERY new, with red chubby cheeks and swollen eyes, bundled tightly in the ubiquitous hospital swaddling blankets. I cried because he was so beautiful.

Friday night I got to walk around a store for a long while holding a little three-month old baby girl. She snuggled into my shoulder and chewed her fingers, leaving a big drooly spot on my shirt. It felt WONDERFUL. When it was time to go, I almost forgot (on purpose) to give her back to her mom.

Saturday I visited my friend at the hospital and held her newborn daughter, a mere half-day old. I sat in the big rocker and snuggled her against me. She made little faces and yawned and gurgled and slept. Several times I won smiles (okay, probably just intestinal side-effects, but still, they looked smiley, so it counts). After carting around Silvia and Anna for so long, the weight of her felt wispy, dreamlike, in my arms.

Last night, I relaxed on the couch, my swollen calves propped up on pillows, to catch up on my DVR'd shows for a bit after the girls were in bed. I missed nearly the entire episode of Grey's Anatomy because I couldn't take my eyes off the bumps, punches and general movement visible against the skin of my belly. Every time I saw the shape of my stomach shift, I smiled and pushed right back. I found myself, (cheesy as it is), humming a little nonsense tune to see if it had any effect on the baby's movement.

It did.


Alison said...

I know two more people about to have babies any day, they really are everywhere. For all that it's tough sometimes, babies really are precious!

Anonymous said...

:-) I loved that feeling and pushing back...give and take, give and take. It's starts SO early and never ends. The love is emense! Miss you!!

Angie Mizzell said...

Ahh, baby bliss. It's so intoxicating! In reference to your other post, I'm at odds with 5pm, too. Getting organized is a pain, but there really is something to it... it does help relieve anxiety come "showtime."

Anonymous said...

Aww. This is so sweet.