June 25, 2010

Just let the baby have the bone

A few weeks back, I dragged my husband to see the documentary “Babies” down at our local indie theater. Not exactly romantic date night material, but we were pleasantly surprised by how much we actually enjoyed the film.

Basically, it is a comparison of film clips between babies in four different parts of the world: Namibia, San Francisco, Japan and Mongolia. As you’d expect there are huge differences in attitude, child-rearing and even development.

But there are some similarities, too. The film manages, without any narration, to weave seamlessly together the milestones of the first year as well as providing some seriously humorous comparisons in the way these kids are raised.

Hands down, our favorite moment was the episode with the Namibian baby, Ponijao, and the bone. Read more at Hybridmom.com.

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Emily on the Southern Prairie said...

I loved it! I didn't know whether I would like it since it doesn't have, well, words, but it was awesome.