June 08, 2010


Today started with me peeling open my hayfever clogged eyes to the sound of Anna commanding loudly from down the hall, "NO, Cici!! That's DAN-GER-OUS! NO."

This was immediately followed by a loud bellow from the culprit of, "FINE! You're not my friend anymore!".

Then... a heavy beat of feet and arguing as they each ran into my room to complain/tattle/cry about the injustice wrought upon them by their sibling.

At 6:30 A.M. in the morning.

I do not sleep well at night (which means Kurt does not sleep well at night, but I can't convince him to give up the charade and sleep in the guest room. He said, and I quote, "I'd rather sleep badly next to you then sleep well without you". Cue the waterworks, pregnant lady. But that's another story). I wake up almost every morning exhausted. And almost every morning, I am smacked in the head with the sound and fury of two bitter rivals. Also known as best friends. Also known as boxing trainees. Also known as Broadway star hopefuls in full song and dance mode.

Also known as my children. (When I'm not using more creative language)

In the midst of these battles and screamfests and brutal mornings I always end up thinking, "Okay, so here we are dealing with THIS... now add a newborn." Anna having hysterics because Silvia scratched the hell out of her back with the guilty party now having hysterics at being put in time-out?

Add a newborn.

Two leeches following me around the kitchen within an inch of my feet, whining for chocolate milk and snacks, arguing and tripping me at every turn?

Add a newborn.

Preschooler with night terrors crying out in the night then waking her sister who now shares her room?


Please, God, let this baby be a reincarnation of Buddha with the corresponding zen indifference to noise, insomnia and gentle, guilt-ridden neglect. And since I'm here begging, I wouldn't mind a dose of that zen attitude myself.

And some soundproofing in my bedroom with a shiny new lock on the door. Wait, make that THEIR door.


Alison said...

I feel that God gave me the baby I never knew I needed and I hope he/she does the same for you!

An Imperfect New Momma said...

LOL. I hope you do get that quiet one