July 02, 2010

Wrapping up the nursery, so why don't I feel ready?

July is here, my friends. My baby surprise is due the 17th, which of course means I’m focused on the possibility it could be any day now. Maybe tomorrow! Maybe today! Probably… around the 17th. Sigh.

To distract me from the wait, I’ve spent the past few weeks (or possibly months. Ahem.) nurturing a growing obsession with the nursery. I finally got my husband to buckle down and paint and when that was done I went on a mission to get every major store in the city to hate me.

More about my adventures in transference at Hybridmom.com.

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Jennifer said...

I just can't believe July is here already...seems just like yesterday we were sitting at my kitchen table. You are going to do amazing and be a wonderful mommy to this new little baby just like you are to your sweet little chicas. I wish so much that I could be there to snuggle little Babylicious!!!!!!!!!! I guess a big hug from far away will have to suffice for now.