August 13, 2010

The baby's here... but I've lost my mind

When I was about 38 weeks pregnant, I met a woman at a playdate with three children all under the age of five. The youngest was a baby in stroller, about 6 months old. I sat there at the picnic benches and watched out of two sides of my head as the girls ran off to play in opposite directions. With a hopeful note I asked her, “So, three kids! What do you think? Everyone keeps telling me it’s not so hard.”

She looked at me with kindness, smiled gently down at her sleeping baby and said, “No, it’s not easy. The third one nearly broke me.”

Everyone else around us gasped and started equivocating about how it’s not going to be so bad and she shouldn’t say something like that to me, but honestly, I was relieved. I wanted THE TRUTH, not platitudes and lies.


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