May 02, 2011

Dust to dust

So, Osama bin Laden is dead. He was the embodiment of evil, pure and undiluted. I do not mourn him in the slightest. As unpopular as the idea is for many, I honestly believe that some people should not be allowed to live, to survive their crimes.

And now, just as his supporters danced on 9/11, burning American flags in the streets and singing, the world gathers in celebration to dance on his proverbial grave. Families of the lost, around the world, now have some measure of peace and closure. 20 years, and more, of his terror can come to an end.

But then, when the retaliation comes? When some new madman steps from the shadows to stand in his place? When the threats and bombs start flying again? I do not mourn his death. But it is not the end.

They retaliate, we retaliate. They dance, we dance.

Eventually, probably in a time very far from now but eventually, the vengeance and dancing will have to stop. The celebrations of violence, however justified, will have to end. And then what are we left with?

Just the graves.

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Heather Coleman said...

Well said. I do not mourn his death, but still not sure if I'm celebrating his death either. It's unfortunate to me that this is the world we live in, that this type of intolerance and hatred for human life is bred around the world. Feels like we're just treating symptoms here and there, rather than really trying to cure the disease.