September 12, 2011

Transcribing my life

I’ve been a bit stumped lately. I guess you call it writer’s block, but I’d describe it more as an ocean of flotsam surrounding me, with nothing much standing out worth hanging on to. In other words, I’ve got a lotta thoughts, none complete and most not all that interesting.

In order to try and start something (ANYTHING), I’ve decided to go through all my writing notebooks, one by one, all my notes, and scribbles and little pieces of paper and type them all up. Even though I got rid of a large stash about five years back, that’s still a LOT of whatnots, my friends. I’ve got bunches of standard spiral bound notebooks going years back where I’ve thrown down thoughts, half-written articles and ideas, notes from books, snippets of memories and giggles and tears, many many many lists and attempts at setting my life into order. There are also sticky notes, 3x5 cards with mysterious half-thoughts (“The paper clip chain to happiness”) and scads of old grocery lists. I keep all this around, mostly stuffed in a bag and some folders.

For the most part, I wrote it with intention and then never went back to it. In fact the last time I opened one to write, at random, was a few days ago, which reminded me of the chaotic state of things, too. I often just grab a notebook, which ever comes to hand, flip through for empty pages and go. I have a friend who keeps her personal journals this way, too. It’s fascinating and creative and, most of all, confusing as hell.

Sitting down to start this little project, I made myself a promise: I’d type it ALL out, straight through and as fast as possible, without changing or omitting anything, however bizarre or pointless it may seem. This is harder than you would think. I find myself very irritating sometimes.

I’m just at the beginning of this adventure and so far, I can tell you two things. One, I hadn’t realized what an excellent typist I am— I hardly ever look at the screen and yet the typos are few! I’ve come a long way, baby. And that’s only from a third of the way through the first book. Who knows what else lies within!

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Lisa said...

Good idea, and happy journey to you!

Moving has shown me that I should probably organize my thoughts too.... Maybe after unpacking. Maybe.