November 28, 2011

Nano week 3+, reality sets in

Alright already.

There are two days left to November and I am sitting trapped at just over 30,000 words. I'd like to say that, in case you're laughing in derision, 30,000 words is A LOT. It's not nuttin', but it's not 50,000. The likelihood that I'll squeeze out 20,000 more words in the next two days is about on par with Americans boycotting Black Friday next year. Not gonna happen.

However, I have not given up and don't feel too terribly bad about it. Oh yeah, of course I'm not thrilled. Sure! But I did my best, I worked around major obstacles like birthdays, Thanksgiving, illness and a suddenly VERY unhappy baby this month. (It's like he knows. I still firmly contend that the little buggers are psychic and very wily.)

So with all that, I think I did pretty damn good. And like I said, I have not given up. There are still two days left and I will do my best to get as far as I can. And then come December 1st I will fight the strong urge to delete the entire file, instead setting it under password lock and throwing away the proverbial key.

More than anything, especially considering the atrociousness of the story and my frequent interjections to berate myself and get all sarcastic mid-script, this has been an exercise in discipline. I find it very hard to do anything besides taking care of my kids, my family, my house and my sanity. I know there are women more organized, more efficient, more proactive and definitely taller and skinnier (look at Heidi Klum! The woman has it together! Oh, for a full-time team of nannies...).

That's not me. I'm haphazard, I swing between bouts of totally awesome got-it-togetherness and complete I-will-never-survive-this-and-I-think-I'll-start-drinkingness. So this experiment, regardless of meeting that lofty goal, showed me that even amidst the second craziest month o' the year I could carve out time to make a bunch of shit up that had absolutely nothing to do with anything in my peripheral vision. Go me!

Despite embracing the silver lining, though, I am disappointed. I'd say I could just not sleep for the next two days and try to make it happen, but I don't get to sleep anyway right now with Jack having his series of what we call "Jack Attacks". Very original, I know, yet very accurate. So those hours between midnight and 4 A.M. are already spoken for-- quite loudly.

As my one little super whiny complaint, I'd like to recommend to the NaNoWriMo folks to please change it to NaSeptWriMo or maybe NaMayWriMo. November is just stupid.

How far did everyone else get? Will you live to write another year?

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grandmem said...

I think 30000 words is a LOT. Now you must discipline yourself to keep it, and, sometime in mid-February, take it out and work with it again. As you edit and reorganize patterns may become clearer - and you know even if you dump half of it you still have a third of a book. That's better than being a third of a ghost any day!