January 10, 2012

If it's not inflammatory, why bother saying it at all?

This week is Be Nice on the Internet week, courtesy of Real Simple magazine. I’m all for it. I’ve read so many comments and posts all over the place that are just intentionally negative, argumentative and basically insulting. I am not blameless, of course. I've indulged in my share of snark through the years. That's even more reason a little Golden Rule refresher course is in order from time to time.

So here’s the plan and it’s as simple as things get: be nice. I'm not calling for a Pollyanna revolution here, but a little respect, a smidge of empathy, never did anyone harm. Show some support. Instead of picking a fight, find some common ground. If you're not comfortable saying something to someone's face, it's a good bet you just don't need to put it out there at all (trust me on this one). Remember that less is more. Not everyone wants to know about your sex life or bowel functions. Just sayin'.

Who’re you going to be nice to today?


Robin said...

I fed a homeless man. But it wasn't on the internet.

Lea said...

Ah man, no one wants to know about my sex life or bowel functions? Now I'm depressed.