February 09, 2012

catching up where it counts

I have three children. I know this may be a huge shock to some of you (or actually none of you). But if you only kept up on things over at the kids' blog on the other side of the internet, you might find that hard to believe. I have been lax in the extreme keeping up with the kiddos.

The whole point of that site was to have a place to 1) update the fam on how the kids are doing and more specifically 2) to give me a record as-it-happens of little things going on with them throughout the years. Trust me, it's all so easy to forget and so precious to hold on to.

So in the interest of intentional living via meaningful projects (like getting rid of magazines even though that doesn't SEEM meaningful but actually freed up so much time and space for me, so there), I'm on a catch up bender. Fortunately, my obsessive habit of randomly scribbling down ideas and events all the time comes in to play here. I won't have to make up too many priceless moments. And if I do, well... everyone enjoys a little fiction from time to time, right? The fun part will be trying to guess where I've improvised and where I've stuck straight to script.  Fun for everyone!

Actually, not everyone, not really. I don't advertise the kids' site for the most part. It's not secret or locked up or anything, but in general I like to keep it on the down low. There's a part of me that wonders what they will think and be mortified by when they're older and read some of what I put out there. So as much as I'll enjoy their squirmy embarrassment, I do want to offer the comfort that not EVERYONE in the whole world read about their first love in kindergarten and enjoyed naked bathtime pictures. (Not like over here, where we know EVERYONE in the whole world reads my priceless thoughts. Mmm-hmmm.)

That's where I'll be for a bit, catching up yonder. If you know the way, see you over there. If not... maybe you'll fall down a rabbit hole (via crafty googling) and find us. Maybe you'll just have to live your whole life, wondering, aching, wishing you could have lived the wonder.

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