April 02, 2012


I’ve been writing this blog, on and off, for years. I’m not a steady-as-she-goes kind of girl. It’s either all words, all the time or a blank screen with that annoying pulsing line at the top of the page, taunting me for my lack of output.

Right now, I’m being taunted. There’s a lot in my head, a lot going on, much ado and plenty of whatnot. But writing this blog isn’t the catharsis it has sometimes been. To be blunt, it is just not fun anymore, my friends. I’m not feelin’ it. Some of what I’ve written here is good. I have that in me. But these days it’s 80% filler and that’s no good at all.

So, in the continuing interest of living intentionally, I’m taking a blog break. Oh, not a writing break. I write all the time. But thinking about how I “should” write online, like it’s some sort of duty, another scribbled chore on my list, that’s taking all the charm out of the act. There’s a really fabulous freedom to writing when it is just for you, just because you thought it and liked that thought and wanted to think it a little bit more and see where it goes. Maybe it’ll take me out into the big wide world or maybe it could take me deeper inside where I haven’t seen myself before.

But I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t follow those trails of thinks and wonderings, those musings. And, for the moment at least, this is not the place they’re leading me. I’m sure I’ll be back from time to time, to say hello or reminisce about posts past. That’s the great thing about the internet: it will always remember everything you’ve ever said (cue the creepy music). Here’s hopin’ I come back with something to say!