June 01, 2012

87 days of summer. Yes, I counted. Didn’t you?

I have been baking all week. Cookies, cookies everywhere and not a one to eat (except for the ones we sneaked, of course). Between Silvia’s three preschool teachers and Anna’s two teachers and bus driver, I’ve been up to my elbows in butter, flour, eggs and chips.

The first batch was fun. Silvia giggled as she sat up on the counter; breaking eggs, pouring flour everywhere and stealing chocolate chips straight from the dough. Jack toddled around, weaving in and out between my feet reaching up to her for his share of the chocolate. We ate a few from the first batch while they were still too hot, undeterred even as we winced and complained from our singed fingers and tongues. 

The second batch, she sat and watched a show, occasionally wandering over to see if they were done yet. Jack napped. Anna moaned and pouted, saying she didn’t WANT to make cookies right now and she’d do it LATER, Mooooo-ooooom.

The third batch, I bought some dough from the grocery store, squishing it up in a bowl so it wouldn’t look so perfectly portioned. I tossed some extra chips in to give it a homemade panache and baked them by myself while the kids ignored me.

Strangely, though, they all managed to show up when that first timer went off. Hmmm.

It was all for a good cause, though. Today is the last day of school. For the next three months, I will not have to physically manhandle my eldest out of the top-bunk at 6 AM, pushing her blindly towards the bathroom in her zombie-like stupor. There will be no backpacks coming home crammed full of every piece of paper my child might have touched or breathed on during the day. No homework or packed peanut-free lunches, no Spirit Days, no complex balancing of various projects, events and “donations” (I can’t believe how often we end up sending a check to school).

It seems a fair trade-off for the drawbacks of summer. We’ll swelter in the Texas heat, flounder about for indoor entertainment (there’s only so much time you can spend gluing things to paper or running around the tiny mall play area). I’ll be pelted with “I’m bored!” to the point I’ll run out of chores to retaliate with. The girls will argue and fight and be best friends all at the same time. I will rinse out swim suits until they become faded and see-through. Jack with have tantrums. Of course, Jack would have tantrums anyway because he’s just about two and cannot function without at least one full-on meltdown per day. Everything will be filled with sand (if you don’t have kids, you don’t know about sand. If you do, you feel my scratchy, incessant pain).

But as nervous as it all makes me, I have to say I’m still kind of excited. There’s just something so cool about Summer Vacation. Maybe it’s a hold over from my own school days, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just anticipation for all the fresh mohitos in my near-future.

Either way, good or bad, summer is here and we’re going all in to make it fun and busy and worth the memories. But I’m not making any more cookies. That is off the table ‘til Christmas.

(Oh, and hello blog-verse. If you’re still interested and reading… I’m back.)